Weekend Reflections #193

Photo Taken @ The San Francisco Zoo

Photo Taken @ Metson Lake

Photo Taken @ Metson Lake

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Valerie said…
That last shot is a cracker! Thanks for sharing.
Pat said…
Beautiful waterfowl and their reflections! My favorite is the photo of the flamingos.
Sophie A said…
Fantastic reflections shots.
I totally love the flamingos. Lucky you to have been there and captured such beauty.
'Tsuki said…
Those birds reflections are so amazing... I particulary enjoy the flamingo one : so colorful.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Delightful variety of watery reflections! Those flamingos are just so lovely, so graceful!
Icy BC said…
These are beautiful images, Jo! Love all three of them, very unique..
Jackie/Jake said…
I love flamingos as well! Great shots.
rainfield61 said…
Looks like those flamingos are pondering over something silently.
Such awesome shots; each pretty enough to frame.

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