Thursday Two Questions Meme - Finding Time

The Chinese Chestnut Tree, my favorite tree at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

I have begun writing again on Hubpages and Bubblews, thanks Icy for the info on Bubblews.  My passion for writing has been refreshed and I find I am writing on a daily basis which means I am finally making money writing.  It's a great feeling.

What I also have found is that I just don't have enough time in the day between going to work, writing and photographing.  I know many of you who read this blog are writers, photographers and artists.  My two questions for you this week are:

1.  How do you find time each day to pursue your creative talents?

2.  Do you set priorities?

Also a side note to all of you.  The heart versus head working situation I have experienced in the past month or so has been resolved with a positive outcome.  I am still working at my beloved garden with a promotion and raise in hand.  I thank you all for your thoughts and advice and as true to myself, I went with my heart and am so glad I did.

I will also be using this blog primarily as a website.  I will update it when time allows.

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I love writing but also love my family but my job has increased our hours so I miss both.
Jim said…
1. How do you find time each day to pursue your creative talents?
There really isn't time for everything. So I do first what needs to be done (pay bills, wash clothes, household chore, etc--I am retired, how did we ever do all this before retiremnt?) and then what pleases me. Or do nothing.

2. Do you set priorities?
When I make a list, it has priorities and I get more done than when there isn't a list.

Good thoughts, Joanne, and I liked your questions a whole lot.
SquirrelQueen said…
On a daily basis I don't, some days it just doesn't happen. Whenever a little spare time presents itself I take advantage and use that time for myself.

I do and most of the time I follow through.
Icy BC said…
Thanks Jo, for the mention!

1) I rarely sleep anymore, not that I don't want to, so I wake up and start writing, blogging, messing around with my photos rather than laying there tossing and turning!

2) Yes, I set priority to do what I must, but my thoughts are always on what to write next :-)
Colette S said…
That is a very nice capture of the tree.

It really is hard to find time, but I always say just make a list and a use a time frame.

I'm glad you are enjoying writing and that your creative juices are flowing.
Self Sagacity said…
Hi Jo, glad you could make it this week too. Thanks for posting your questions.
1)I never have enough time. I have 3 kids and they have different demands. I also have been thinking that while I let the first two grew up too fast without me really enjoying them, I wonder what can I do to make sure I am enjoying my youngest to the fullest? Writing in peace / or uninterrupted is not something I have right now. I write whenever when I can, between other obligations and appointments I enjoy writing for some weirdness here. You wouldn't think I was the type.
2) Yes. I have to do the tasks that must be done first. The latest trick is that I force myself to quit when it is time to go to bed. I also trained myself to be okay with quitting and coming back to work on it a little at a time.

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