Thursday Two Questions Meme - Bonding With Seagulls

Photos taken at Lloyd Lake in Golden Gate Park

As many of you know I visit my favorite lake, Lloyd Lake in Golden Gate Park on a regular basis.  I love the lake itself and have quite a few feathered friends there.  On my last trip I bonded with this seagull pictured above.  At first he/she was a little afraid of me but after I began assuring him that I was there just to visit and take photos of him, he began posing for me.  Yes, I know.  I go to lakes and talk to birds so I must need to get a real life :)

My questions for you this week are:

1.  Do you talk to the animals when you visit them?

2.  Do you think it is possible to bond with them? I'm not talking about your pets,  but animals in the wild.

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Jim said…
Hi Joanne ~~ Nice seagull pictures. I am not a bird person and seagulls aren't on my list for sure. We have them come up from the lake here. They must have competition to see who can lay the most dodo on my railings and furniture.

1. Do you talk to the animals when you visit them?

My sister and I both talk to animals we come by. We both were really surprised when we found out that each other of us were talking with the animals.

2. Do you think it is possible to bond with them? I'm not talking about your pets, but animals in the wild.

Wild animals are harder unless there are a lot of humans around them. Feeding them sometimes helps.
Self Sagacity said…
Hi Jo, you did a great job with the photos and in getting so close to the seagull, wow. I occasionally talked to the animals in the wild, mostly squirrels. The birds are quite shy so they don't hang around long enough for me to say anything to them. I think it is possible to bond with the wild animals. If you can get them to come on a regular basis, you can form a habit and therefore create a bond.
Cathy Kennedy said…
I do talk to animals in the wild, but I usually keep my distance if it's a land critter. Birds simply fly away most of the time.

I would think if animals in the wild are not afraid of human due to close interaction with them then it's possible a temporary bonding may happen, but I wouldn't dare risk it. It's not safe for you or the animal. They need to depend on themselves for every thing and I think it's a shame when people will feed wild animals thinking they are doing a good thing.

What an interesting T2Q post!

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