Thursday Two Questions Meme

Some might say I've got rocks in my head and I would have to agree.  Ever since I can remember I have had a fascination with rocks.  I know, I need to get a life :)  

When I visit the beach which I did recently, I took more photos of rocks then I did the actual ocean.  I love the textures, shapes, colors and the shadow and imprints the rocks create on the sand.  As a photographer, rocks provide me with endless photo opportunities.  Some might find this strange yet for me it's as normal as can be.

My two questions this week are:

1,  What do you most enjoy photographing?

2.  What is the strangest thing you have ever photographed?

Photos taken at Ocean Beach in San Francisco

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betchai said…
i am fascinated with rocks too, they do take so many different forms that everywhere I see is a magical sculpture, I really do not have any favorite subject to photograph, perhaps whatever inspiration comes to mind, though I feel more relaxed when photographing water.
I love rocks. They remind me that if we do not praise God the rocks will cry out so why should I hold back?

I find photographing my grands to be the most challenging - they do not hold still. The strangest thing I have ever photographed is probably tel. nos.
Jim said…
I like rocks though you wouldn't know it by the small number I've ever posted on my blog.

I most enjoy taking pictures of unusual objects and scenery. Food on my and others plates is one of my highest. I have a tag, 'Jim Bunch Eats' which gets Googled when people are looking for Jim Bunch.

The strangest thing that have ever photographed was the most fun too. When we went to Spain I 'majored' in taking pictures of girls on motorscooters.
Andrea said…
I am just like you when in the beach, and i love rocky beaches than sandy beaches. I am the nearest beach to us have very lovely colored stones and rocks. I have posted them in the past and love to post them often too!
Dominique Goh said…
Lovely picture of the rocks. I like photographing nature and the kids.
Can't recall the strangest thing I have photographed though.
Colette S said…
There is nothing wrong with you sweetie. We all are fabulous with the path that makes us grow and delight in sharing new things.

1. I love photographing my children at the moment and flowers and scenery.

2. poop. Haha. yes my kids poop!

Happy Thursday!
Self Sagacity said…
1) The thing that I love most about photographing is the ability to isolate the subject. I love how an object or scene comes alive and tells a different story when taken apart from whatever it is attached to. 2) I can honestly say, I am not creative in photography. I don't normally think of taking photos, or remember to pull out the camera, even when it is on my phone.
Have a great weekend.
Self Sagacity said…
On a different subject, one of my long time clients has just told me she is is a Kiva member. I said, humm... I know someone that has really enjoyed the program too. I guess Kiva is really making its way around the BAy Area. ;-)

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