Thursday Two Questions Meme - Seasons

Photos taken yesterday, 11/13/12 in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

We have been having such beautiful weather here in San Francisco that I've been taking advantage of the blue skies and sun by taking day trips out through Golden Gate Park.  I love walking the park, visiting my favorite lakes and just taking in all of the natural beauty.

I came across another photographer in the park and we sat for a while and discussed seasons.  He mentioned that although the park is beautiful, there are no remnants of Autumn.  He was traveling through San Francisco by way of Washington and Oregon where he experienced Fall colors and weather.  He told me "it is just too green around San Francisco."

I explained that we do not have seasons in SF and this time of year is normally warmer than usual for us.  I have lived in SF all my life and although I do miss Autumn colors and snow in the Winter, I thoroughly enjoy the unpredictability of our weather.

My two questions this week are:

1. Do you experience seasons?

2. What is your favorite season? 

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Daisy said…
Here in south FL, there is not much change of seasons and everything stays green pretty much year-round. We look forward to Fall and Winter when it is cooler and less humid.
Jim said…
Nice pretty pictures you have taken, Joanne. Your Golden Stat Park doesn't look crowded like Yosemite where they have parking meters.

1. We really only have summer and winter here along the Texas Gulf Coast and our winters are very mild. About once every ten years it snows in the Houston area.

Our truly spring days can be counted on my ten fingers as usually are our Fall days.

2. My favorite season is Hawaii. And even there it gets pretty hot for me.
I cannot choose between spring and fall. I absolutely love both of them!! We have all four but while I could live without winter, I really like the other three seasons with spring and fall tying for first place. :-)
rainfield61 said…
It is just too green, that is why I always try to capture some different colours, though Malaysia is without 4 seasons.
Cathy Kennedy said…
We live in East Tennessee (Knoxville) and yes, we experience the glorious four seasons! Thankfully, we do not share much of the extreme conditions of either our northern or southern neighbors comfront. We are perfectly situationed with enough of each season to love.

The one thing I miss a lot is the snow. According to our meteorologist we get only an annual accumulation of six inches of white stuff. That's truly not much, but I guess it's okay. The Smoky's just to the south of us about an hour gets their share and ours, too. lol I do love seeing the snow in the air at Christmas, though. Usually in order for us to see that then we must be in our home state of West Virginia and frankly the past couple of Christmases have been disappointing. :(

I think I'm like Judy. It's really difficult to pick only one favorite season, as I'm torn between Spring & Fall. I love the colors and milder weather of both too much to declare one the winner.

Great questions and what beautiful pictures you shared with us! Have an amazing Thanksgiving. I for one won't be around next week this time. lol
Dominique Goh said…
We don't have seasons over here in Asia. It's either hot or wet or hot and wet.
Icy BC said…
We have four seasons here, and winter is not my cup of tea. I rather live in your "green world". My favorite season is spring as everything comes alive, and that includes me :-)
Icy BC said…
We have four seasons here, and winter is not my cup of tea. I rather live in your "green world". My favorite season is spring as everything comes alive, and that includes me :-)
Bing said…
no, we don't have seasons in the Philippines. it's either the dry or rainy season.

both can be a favorite if not extreme. :D extreme weather conditions paralyze everything.
Self Sagacity said…
Given that we are not far from San Francisco, it is strange that San Jose can expereience autumn yearly. We have the different color leaves, orange, some are half and haf, some are maroon, depending on what type of tree they are. Nature seems to be getting ready for winter, showing its weariness for some rest.
My favorite season is summer.
Colette S said…
Those are beautiful photos.

We do experience seasons here in LA.

I prefer Autumn and Spring. Summer is just too hot and winter is too cold :)

Have a nice weekend!

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