Thursday 2 Questions #112 Public Nudity Ban in San Francisco

Photo courtesy of SF Sentinel.

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Take a walk down the Castro district, Baker Beach or even in Golden Gate Park and it is inevitable that you will come across people baring it all.  San Francisco is probably one of if not the most liberal city in the country.  You literally see it all here.  Many citizens are complaining and there is legislation in the works to ban public nudity in SF.  It has reached a point where these "nudists" are becoming a tourist attraction.  What does that say about our city?

Now, I am no prude and I am one of the most liberal people you would ever meet.  However, I firmly believe public nudity should be banned.  People should not be allowed to walk the streets without clothes.  Why? for one it's unsanitary if they are sitting in any public venues, which they do and also I don't want to be subjected to having to see them.  Not to mention, would you want your children to see them?

In my opinion there is such a thing as too liberal.

My two questions this week are:

1. Do you think public nudity should be banned?

2. Why or why not?

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Absolutely. I don't want to see them, sit in the same seat or have my children see them! The body is awesome, but not to be put on public display.
Jim said…
Yes, by law they should be hog tied, have clothes put onto them, and then left in jail for three days to think things over.

It is very unsanitary so if they want to go nude, have them buy something like horses wear to keep the poop an urine off people.
betchai said…
we do have a nude beach here too, but they can only be in a certain section, and it is not easily accessed by public unless the public would take steep hike down 500 ft in less than a mile, and mostly they are only there in the summer. if they go beyond the specified area, they can get fine/cited for violation. but in public, like walking on streets, i definitely would not want nudity, i think it would just make most of us uncomfortable, we may even lose the appreciation to human body when it's all bared. nudity for me should be in one's private space.
Cathy Kennedy said…
Baring it all should be left to places designated for just that. As beautiful as our God given bodies are, there needs to be proper order in "ordinary life". Plus, there is always the question of sanitation. It doesn't matter how clean you are, there are just some body parts that will must be regarded as not completely clean unless one has stepped straight from a shower. But, you know when I think about it in an odd sort of way, you just don't know what's on that door knob or public phone you just touched, so really sanitation issues regarding a nude body goes out the window. It's just common courtsy to cover up in public places. What interesting questions you posed today! =D
Yes! If the nude is comfortable with it I am not comfortable looking at them. We are civilized people, we need to act like one.
Icy BC said…
Nudity in public places should be banned! I don't want to feel uncomfortable or my children to see them either.

The body should be respected, and keep private parts private. It should not be displaced like that.
Anonymous said…
With a young child in tow everywhere I go, nudity would be an alien thing for us to see in public places! It is distasteful, and out right unpleasant to say the least.

Yikes, just the image alone is horrible. We are not apes!
Colette S said…
Yes it should be banned.
Shouldn't have been allowed in the first place.
Self Sagacity said…
Yes. I am not sure why people think it is ok to go without coverings. For one, SF is always cool, cold. :-)
It would be horrible if my children have to see anyone without clothes against their will. I will make sure to stay away from those streets. ewww.

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