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Photo of the Oriental Trumpet Lily taken at the SF Botanical Gardens
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I have begun to sell my photos in my new collectibles store as desktop wallpaper in order to test the waters, so to speak and see if people like my photography. If they do then I will create some other way to present them and sell them.

When I put the photos up in my store, I put my store initials and date on them as a watermark. I had a discussion with another community member in the forums that mentioned anyone can erase the watermark without hurting the photo in any way. He then took one of the photos I had displayed to show me it can be done. He was right. He erased the watermark without hurting the photo.

Of course when I really thought about it I realized that when someone buys the photo, they will get the raw file emailed to them and basically with that can do anything they like with it. Not to mention, when I post them here on my blog I don't even include a watermark.

I think I'm just beginning to realize when you put something out there on the internet it's basically for sharing.

My two questions this week are:

1. Do you watermark your photos?

2. Does it bother you when someone uses your photos or work without permission?

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Ann said…
Sometimes I do put my name on my pictures and sometimes I don't.
I have yet to find anyone using any of my pictures without my permission but if they did it would bother me a lot. It doesn't take much effort to ask someone if they can use it
Ann, I agree. I think if someone just asks they why not. But, to just take it is scary.
♥~Judy~♥ said…
When I was in the military I got wind of a surprise inspection coming and being a good roomate I started tidying up my bunkies things. It was then that I found several of my poems copied in her handwriting and signed with her name - that HURT!

I place my name in my posted photos and it would upset me if someone stole them. They can use them with the courtesy of my name and a link.
Home School Dad said…
No and No (Boy am I verbose)
SquirrelQueen said…
I used to sign them sometimes when I first started blogging but nothing now. When I realized, as your friend demonstrated, how easily markings can be removed I figured it really didn't matter.

It does a little but there is no practical way to stop it other than using a service like copyscape and I don't know how effective they are. I do know that a lot of my photos show up on Google Images. I can tell from my blog stats.
Josep said…
I put my badge on my photos but it's mostly to match the blog's theme. Somehow I think the watermark helps me improve my average photos :) Everyone is free to use them.
Becca said…
I didn't used to watermark my photographs...but I have an ex history, and I do not want them taking credit or taking photos off my blog without my knowledge. So if it is of my child or my home or my family, you bet I watermark them now. I really do wish people would ask before they take. Something kind of creepy about seeing my photo on someones space. It has only happened once.
Gale said…
I don't...I don't even watermark some of my artwork, and I should (but I do use smaller resolution for what I put online, which means that at least if they try to print it and sell it it's gonna be poor quality).

Watermarking is a good idea...much better idea than using right-click-blocker, since that also turns off things like right clicking to save links or open things in new tags (and can be gotten around anyways).

So far the only people to use my photos without asking was family (and I didn't pumpkin became my mom's facebook sig this week...I was flattered.) If people used my photos/images otherwise, it would really depend on why they use it. Post it on pinterest with a link back to my page...COOL. Post it on your blog AND promote my products with it...VERY COOL (that has happened before...someone did this and didn't ask but I was VERY ok with that). Post it up and claim it's yours, or use it to illustrate a post and don't even give me a link back in return...yeah, I'd be pissed!
Cathy Kennedy said…
I try to use a watermark everytime, but I don't believe it would bother me if someone used one of my photos as long as it wasn't of my family. Landscape photos are okay, not so personal, you know?
Self Sagacity said…
Jo, I know you and IcyBC had your shares of work stolen. That is such a shame. I like to credit the photos I found online to those who created them and found them from.
I used to and should always put watermarks on my photos, because I wouldn't want to see it elsewhere without my permission. I have been doing things on the fly, and can't always used care as I did before.
On the side note, I do like your photos. I wish you much success with them. I ran into many bloggers that have sold their photography and each with different approaches. Do you have some approaches in mind? And where to post them?
Icy BC said…
I wish you great success in your new adventure with your photos. They are beautiful.

1) I put my name on my photos, but know quite well that it can be taken off with a bit of time spending on it.

2) It has happened too many times to me, and I was mad. All I want is a credit back to my blog or name.
Daisy said…
I find photos of myself and sometimes Harley all the time on the internet, believe it or not. If they link to me, or even are just posting something good-natured, I don't mind. Occasionally, I find a photo of myself posted in a mean-spirited way and that bothers me. Of course, my photos are not "art" and have no real monetary value.
JamericanSpice said…
Wow. I didn't know they could just remove the watermark like that but I suppose like anything else digital, it can be done eh.

I've just began using water mark, not sure what I think.

2. I don't mind anyone using my photos UNLESS I was selling them like you are hoping to do.

You'll need a protection license of sorts.

Good luck!

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