Macro Monday - Colorful Flower Macros

Taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Click Photos To Enlarge

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Little "burst" of beautiful!!!!
Thanks so much Dena, glad you like them and thanks for sharing them on Stumbleupon :)
betchai said…
as always, your macro shouts JOY, Jo, they are wonderful.
Jama said…
Interesting looking flowers!
AfterTim said…
Your Macro Monday's are truly a breath of fresh air, Poetic Shutterbug. Perfect way to start a week.
Ida said…
Gorgeous! How wonderful to visit such a place with all that beauty.
Kala said…
Wonderful colors and details.

Happy Macro Monday
Kass said…
After a long absence, it's so nice to visit you and your garden again.
Thank you all for your kind words and comments.
Icy BC said…
Oh wow..they are just so gorgeous! I think we have these flowers at the Conservatory too.

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