Happy Chinese New Year

Photo taken in Kowloon, Hong Kong in 2008
Poem written by me in March 2005

New Year's Day In Kowloon

With an air of baked yams
and charcoal stir fried chestnuts
the bustling side streets
come alive this new day
the rooster crows.

Temple Street
bargains it's way through tourists.
Bamboo, china dolls, fu dog
hawked with an Eastern flair
good fortune and piety.

The lion dances
with a deafening roar
chasing evil spirits
from Kowloon Park.

Families gather along Nathan Road,
children adorned in their finest
red and gold kimono
spun silk and satin laced.
They gather the feast
dim sum, chow fan, Peking duck
and wash away the old year with
Chinese tea, sake, Tsingtao

Yin Yang.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


betchai said…
happy Chinese New Year, Jo, that is one very vibrant picture speaking so well of the Chinese New Year
RNSANE said…
Such wonderful memories of Hong Kong, Jo...I remember, way back in 1997, being on a southeast Asia cruise at the time of Chinese New Year...how incredible that was.

echo said…
You just commented on my blog about the music kids in San Fran and when I came here to see yours, I had to smile. my husband an i , before we were teachers stayed a week in Hong Kong on our way from Beijing teacher's College in China where we were exchange students. Your poem captured a lot of what I remember there

Dixie "echo"
Thank you. I visited HK twice and can never get enough of it. I loved your SF post on Redgage.

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