Silent Sunday


Icy BC said…
Fantastic capture, Jo! Looks like he is meditating!
Icy, I know right? that is exactly what I thought :)
jazzygal said…
Aww..... so shy?! Beautiful shot :-)

xx Jazzy
Zarouhi Zaz said…
Looking like he is in a very zen state!
kateonthinice said…
Meditating or headbanging. Great shot
I was always led to believe that when Kolas eat too may eucalyptus leaves they can get high, sometimes even falling out of the trees and thus leading to the saying "He was out of his tree!" Maybe this little fella has had just one too many leaves today!
Jean Knill said…
That is such a sweet pic. thi mornign on the radio I heard the sound of one of a male koala trying to attract a mate. It wasn't a pretty sound, and amazing that such a deep and loud noise could come from such a cute looking creature.

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