Nature Photography Haiku and Poetry

reflection of grace
a water pond masterpiece
as she glides, with ease

blue and green ripples
mirror aquatic light shows
disco water dance

barren wintry limbs
surf the azure blue lakeside
endless water dance

water symmetry
pirouettes a reflection
narcissistic hues

the sand dollar
rests upon the shore
seaside sands of time

Fog Horns

setting sun

bids farewell

beyond the horizon

daylight fades

as dusk lurks

below sea level

my thoughts


by fog horns.

As I walk through

the mist and fog
gazing upon dew drenched leaves
I see floral creation masterpieces.
Flowers created

by the universe

etched in floral bouquets

with vibrant hues

coloring fog imbued


A museum of art

treasures unlike

any other venue

as displayed by

the hand of God
a natural oasis

I am participating in Our World Tuesday


Laura said…
What a beautiful series of photos and haiku!
ladyfi said…
What gorgeous shots - I love those fog horns.
molly said…
Love the reflections.... nature is so clever

Beyond Zephyr said…
Gorgeous photos and wonderful haiku, Jo!
Campbell Jane said…
You are beautiful & the world you live in.

Photos like windows
Glimpses into your wide world
San Francisco girl


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