Thursday Two Questions Meme - Attacked by a dog.

Metson Lake in Golden Gate Park

The shot of the blue heron I was snapping right before the dog attack.

Metson Lake as pictured above, located in Golden Gate Park is a nice, quiet and peaceful spot on most days.  Today, however, I am writing this on Tuesday a vicious dog, off leash, attacked me, though not seriously then went after the blue heron.

I was intending to spend the day at my three favorite lakes in Golden Gate Park.  I first went to Metson Lake and saw this blue heron which I have seen there many times in the past.  While walking to the lake I spotted a woman with a very aggressive German shepherd around the area.  I took some shots of the blue heron then wanted to get closer so I walked around the lake, nearing his location.  While walking towards the heron, there was a guy who was nearby, meditating by the water.  As I approached the heron I saw the woman and her vicious dog round the corner and her saying " come on let's go. "  I began snapping shots of the heron when I heard the dog barking and turned to see it running full force towards me.  The dog began to lunge at me when I turned and he got hold of my back side and started to bite.  I screamed at the owner and told her to get her &^%$# dog away from me and she says in a condescending manner "oh I know she does that all the time" and I screamed again, get her off of me while the dog was pulling at my behind.  The owner finally said "stop it and get back here!" at which time the dog stopped and ran after the blue heron.

While this happened, the poor guy who was just sitting their meditating took off and ran towards the polo fields.  The blue heron took off flying away and I immediately began cursing, yelling and screaming at the idiot owner who did not have a leash on her vicious beast.  I felt my backside and did not find any blood or puncture wound but my jeans were torn where the dog had pulled at me.

The owner totally ignored me and I told her she better get out of there because I was calling park patrol, which I did and gave them the whole story.  Whether they did anything about it or even looked for the dog and it's idiot owner, I don't know.

There is a leash law in San Francisco but has many gray areas especially when it comes to Golden Gate Park.  There are dogs running wild all over the city with owners who just don't obey the laws.   My thinking is if you have a dog learn how to control it or don't have one.

The incident scared me because I have never been attacked by a dog and NO, the dog was not playing.  It could have been very serious, had I not turned and been attacked on my stomach or worse.  The dog was crazed.  I have never seen a dog act in that manner.  The owner was completely oblivious and acted like this was a normal thing for the dog to be acting that way.

My two questions this week are:

1. Have you ever been attacked by a dog?

2. Do you have a leash law in your area?

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Oh goodness, as frightening as that was I'm so glad it wasn't worse! The woman needs to be fined and the dog needs to be placed elsewhere; some place it can get appropriate control and training.

We have very lenient leash laws here that are rarely, if ever, enforced.
Jim said…
I hope that dog didn't bite you to pierce you skin or scratch you. If so you should call you doctor quick. One reason is that dogs have germs that humans have no immunity. Or it could be rabid. Or what ever else might be wrong.

1. My dog, Adi (I would love to leave you a link for her but you said "no" ahead of time), bit me once when we were playing too hard and she got excited.

My other dog bit my cousin. A bunch of my older cousins were playing with me and I was running ahead of them. Von, my dog, thought they wanted to hurt me. She bit Jean.

2. Our county, we live outside the city, has no leash law but our sub-division has a leash rule. Dogs on our own outside property must either be penned, on a leash, or under control. Dogs off our property must be on a leash.
Self Sagacity said…
Wow! What a day huh? That was an attack, that wasn't playing...because you weren't playing with the beast. I have been attacked my my house dog. He was sick and then got crazed on me. Yup, bit me when I was a very little girl. Since then, it is very hard for me to be too close to a dog. I am not sure, I have to check for the leash law, but I know dog owners that are very oblivious as such the person in the post. Just because she liked her dog, doesn't mean everyone does. Just like if we have kids, we don't let the kids run to you and start pulling on your know? I am glad you are ok. What an experience!

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