Thursday Two Questions Meme #132

All of these photos were taken at ocean beach.  I was out in the area taking shots for some hublpages posts when I happened to see this guy atop that huge rock across from the Cliff House.  Now I want you to look closely at the first photo in the middle top of the rock so that you can see just how huge this rock really is in comparison to this guy standing on top of it.  He was pacing back and forth on the rock for at least ten minutes.  I began snapping shots of him because I was scared to death he would fall and at least there would be photos to identify him.  He really scared me.  I was just about to call the police when he began climbing down the rock.  This particular area is very dangerous and you are warned not to climb any cliffs or rocks out there.

There is only one person I can think of that many of you know who would do this and that is Betchai :)

My two ?'s today are:

1. Are you a daredevil?

2. Is there anything you wouldn't do?

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Betchai would, but she is very athletic and would know what she is doing.

I wouldn't. I used to be a head start bus monitor and would have to walk up and down a moving bus to monitor children. I fell once when the driver hit a bump, hard! He knew there was a problem with a child and I had to attend to them and could have slowed down but sped up - who does that?

Anyway, there are many things I would not do and I believe more so because I am getting older and more cautious plus I have no medical coverage.
Self Sagacity said…
In my younger days, I would do more. I had less to loose. Now that the kids are my fortune, I can't risk loosing them so I have become less of a daredevil - in this sort of way.
There is more things that I would not do than do. smiles. have a great week.
SquirrelQueen said…
My husband is the true daredevil in our family. He would be out on that big rock without hesitation.

In my younger days there is very little I wouldn't try but I'm somewhat more cautious now ... sort of. Skydiving and bungee jumping are two things I would not try.
Colette S said…
I don't know if I'm a daredevil, but I know I want to experience many things in life. And so I'd push fear away to enjoy the event.

Really cool photos though and yes I'd be worried too. I wonder what he was thinking.

2. I wouldn't hurt a baby :)

Happy Thursday!
Jim said…
Hi Joanne, I am glad you found this guy and wrote your post based on his being there. ~~ Back when I was young, or at least had my own body parts in both my knees, I would do a lot of crazy things.

1. Are you a daredevil?
Sort of. Bud I wouldn't sky dive because of my knee or kyak because I might not be able to escape anymore if it overturned.

2. Is there anything you wouldn't do?
For sure I wouldn't be on that rock. Again the knee holds me back, I have done that stuff before. Riding a motorcycle is about the limit for me now. I know I might lose a leg if I crashed but it would be worth the good times before I did crash.
Icy BC said…
My physical disability won't allow me to do daredevil things. I might try but not sure if it would go any where.

There are many things that I wouldn't do if my intuition doesn't sit right, and I am a pretty good judge of the situation.

(That guy would have been very mad at you calling the police :-)

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