A flamingo and A Flower

Photos taken at the San Francisco Zoo

Orange You Glad It's Friday
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RNSANE said…
I remember whole flocks of flamingos when I lived in Florida...still haven't seen the ones in the wild in Mumbai.

Nice shots but I would expect nothing but that from you!!
Stanley Hattman said…
Both images are wonderful! I don't know if the flamingo is a live, but you captured its essence in this detail closeup. And, the flower is brilliant in color and lighting. Kudos!
Carmen, thanks, i know you like them. I'll have to take you to the zoo so you can see the whole flock. This one was slumbering away.
Stanley, thank you. Yes the flamingo is alive but just napping.
gillena cox said…
nice duo; such tiny eyes of the flamingo; have a nice weekend

much love...
Maria @ LSS said…
Hi!Your photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing them on Orange you glad it's Friday. One of them will be featured this weekend. Hope you'd find time to join us again.

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