The Zebra

Photos taken at the African Savanna at the San Francisco zoo

Camera Critters

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rainfield61 said…
Scratches the itchy spots.

That's the most enjoyable thing to do.
RNSANE said…
I've always loved horses. When I visited Kentucky, I had to stop every few miles to see the thoroughbreds. The foals were so cute. I guess that's another reason I love zebras so much. I forget how many different varieties there are.

I love the pictures.
They're gorgeous critters.
Pat said…
What a gorgeous animal. Beautiful photos.
Indrani said…
Lovely stripped coat they have!
Pia said…
Zebras are so beautiful animals. They make great photo models. You did a good job with the photos!
VioletSky said…
Beautiful photos. It looks like he had a run in with that fence at one time!
betchai said…
ahhh, you have captured the moods of the zebra so well Jo, beautiful shots

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