Thursday Two Questions Meme - Holiday Season Giveaway

I went to my local neighborhood mall yesterday to wander around and see the Christmas tree.  The stores were buzzing with excitement with lines of people checking off their holiday lists and children running around playing with motorized cars and toys.  

What really struck me was the fact that Santa was all alone for a very long time.  He looks pretty lonely there doesn't he?

I watched him for a little while, while taking shots of the mall decorations.  I thought to myself maybe I should go sit on his lap and tell him what I want for Christmas.  I actually thought it would be kind of fun until I realized that when asking myself what I wanted for Christmas, my mind went completely blank.  Why? It's because I have all I want and need.  There is absolutely nothing I want.

For me, especially this year giving is much more important than receiving.  I have always considered holidays such as Christmas, Valentines Day etc... as an excuse for retailers to make "the big bucks."  My philosophy is and always has been, if you want to give and show those you love just how much you love them, why wait for a holiday.  Give when the mood strikes.

I observed a couple in Williams Sonoma with a holiday list who were holiday shopping. They spent part of their time arguing over what they should buy and loud enough for all of us to hear.  I know they were not the only ones in that situation. 

Giving should not be obligatory.  It should come from the heart with compassion and love.  When it is obligatory it is not really giving.  

I have learned so much and been inspired by Steve Ketchpel's latest book on donating and volunteering titled GIVING BACK that I will be giving away a copy of his book and a $25.00  gift card to one of you.  You have until Monday, December 10th to answer these two questions and I will choose a winner on that same day.  I will notify the winner on Dec. 10th  The Kiva gift card can be used to fund a loan on the website.  If you live outside the US you have the option of receiving the Kiva gift card by email and Steve's book by kindle edition.

1.  What would you ask for this holiday season?

2.  Why?

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Anything I want that I don't have is too expensive to ask for. I have plenty of food, clothes and so forth, and my main urge to shop comes from wanting to make those I love happy. I love to give to them, especially the little ones. The surprised face when they get something they truly want is priceless and sometimes we give them something they need that they didn't even know they wanted but then they find they cannot do without it. :-) Giving is such a joy.

Merry Christmas. I hope yours is a blessed one!!
betchai said…
i am like you Jo, I really have nothing to want as gift, not that I am rich, but I am happy and content with what I have that I do not want really any :) anything that comes is a bonus for me :)
Jim said…
I'll join the crowd, P.S, and tell you that there really isn't anything I want and not much that I need. My morning robe has a hold in it and strings unraveling from the sleeves. A new one of those might be nice.

Also my Mustand convetible has 98 thousand miles. Like the robe, I really don't need a new one but it would be a nice gift. I.e. I would take either the robe or the new Mustang convertible.

My eMail is jhovendic[at] in case I am lucky enough to to win your book.
Cathy Kennedy said…
I'm with Judy, what I want is too expensive. lol But, I'm like everyone else here today. Really there isn't anything I 'need'. God has blessed with me with the basics and more. What else is there to ask for, right?

Giving should be from the heart. Personally, I prefer to shop year round so I can look for bargains instead of feeling that panic swell inside of not knowing what to get for a loved one and forced to pay more than I can afford. I don't understand how folks can spend their hard earned dollars for merchandise at premium price during the holiday season(s). This seems ridiculous to me. Either A. They have more money then they know what do with or B. They do not have the sense of good judgement to shop to fit their budget, which is probably why that couple was arguing. It's the stress! Crazy, right?

Oh well, I'm not gonna rant about how loose people seem with their spending in your comments. Giving should be completely from the heart and not the wallet. However, if both things come together without burden to the giver then that's great!

Loved your post!
Icy BC said…
I have all I need too, but I do want a better camera, which I know it's more like a wish if the camera falls off from the sky.

I dreaded the idea of having to buy presents because some wise one came up with this idea, and now we all plunged to it as a tradition. It should be more of an occasion for friends and family to get together than exchanging gifts.
Colette S said…
Was it a real Santa? Wow what a tree!
Yes I totally would go sit in his lap and tell him what I want.

There are times when I want many things but if I won a gift card or if someone ask me what I wanted, I'd go blank. It's crazy.

1. I honestly want a back up drive for my computer.

2. I don't want to lose my family photos.

Happy Thursday.
Self Sagacity said…
1, 2. What would you ask for this holiday season? What I want no one can give me. :-)
Seriously, if there is anything that I really want is for god to grant peace for those with troubled hearts and troubled minds. One in particular would my mama. She needs peace so that others around her don't have to suffer so much. And the other would be my middle son. Life is so precious. Time is a gift. Yet, both of them threw their time away. Living and causing pain to themselves and to others. Peace has given me the ability to accept love and give love. I wish the same for them.

Self Sagacity said…
That comment was serious. This is more for fun. Why was the Santa by himself for so long? I don't like malls very much, just because I usually only go to a couple and feel like I have to walk miles...I love looking at xmas decos too. That mall looks festive!
Anonymous said…
That's a grand decoration there! And for Christmas, I also think I want DSLR camera for better option to take photos!

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