The Sony Holland Duo @ Kuumbwa Jazz Center & The Rrazz Room

It was a spectacular whirlwind weekend with Sony and Jerry Holland. Thank you for your beautiful music and friendship. We love you two.

For more info on the Sony Holland Duo visit


RNSANE said…
It was really a special weekend. I kept telling folks they should have done Sacramento on Friday and we could have REALLY filled our ENTIRE weekend with the dynamite Holland duo. I guess that would better be suited by doing Sac first, the SF, then Santa Cruz....maybe another time! We'll have to talk to them about that, Jo. We can have a caravan down! Maybe head to San Luis Obispo, then Santa Barbara, ending up in could be a six show gig, with the San Francico contigent being their usual boisterous selves!
RNSANE said…
Your pictures were great, Jo...we were sitting so far back, out of the loop, I guess, that, even my trusty little Canon, couldn't really get such good photos. I did drop it at Vasili's. I fully expected it to protest and never take another picture so I was surprised it still functions.
Josep said…
She looks gorgeous, I can feel the atmosphere of that place.

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