Thursday Two Questions Meme - What & What?

Hello everyone and Happy New Year to all of you. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays.

I took a hike along the Golden Gate coastal trail about a week or so ago. It was a looooonnnnggg jaunt but very invigorating especially since I hadn't been out in a while. I came across this stone sculpture during my hike and was very curious as to the inscription on the stone monument. My ? is what does this say?

While walking along the Embarcadero months ago I came across some very interesting sculptures and artwork I hadn't seen before including the above sculpture/skull. Does anyone know what this is?

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Lui said…
I think those are Japanese characters )was it in the Japanese Tea Garden or the Chinese Pavilion? Too bad I can't read both.

The 2nd sculpture may actually be of a dead animal (oh no!) because I can see the trunk and skull! This makes me really sad. . .
Is the skull from a sabre-tooth cat? I've no idea which species though :-(
Duni said…
A very happy and healthy New Year to you, Joanne!
Those are amazing sculptures. Unfortunately I cannot read Chinese calligraphy.
take care,
Luna Miranda said…
i have no idea what is engraved on stone.

the sculpture is a sabertooth tiger.
♥-Icy BC-♥ said…
These stone artworks are very interesting, Jo, but I have no idea what they represent!
Kass said…
Here's my question: Is Sagacity trying to sell us auto insurance? I like your questions better.

Second one looks like some kind of Mastadon, except the tusks are pointing down instead of up.

The stone inscription says, "Anyone worth knowing will pose a lot of questions in stone."
Margaret Duarte said…
Oh my, you do ask the hardest questions. Don't know the answer to either, but I bet you have a lot of people guessing.
Self Sagacity said…
Hi Jo, I can't read those characters and don't know what they mean. I hope you can find a Japanese person and ask them sometime.
I first thought the sculpture was a dinosaur, but then I saw the large fangs. The gals are right, it must have been a saber-tooth tiger. Although he looks huge- or is it your photography?
Ann said…
happy new year to you. I have no idea what that says on the sculpture so I'll just take a guess and say peace and health
As for the skull I could just go along with everyone elses guess and say saber tooth tiger :)
SquirrelQueen said…
You have some very interesing walks, love your photos.

I have no idea on the sculpture but that is definitely a Smilodon (saber tooth) skull for sure. There is no mistaking those teeth.
DoanLegacy said…
I wish I could read what carved in the stone, and I thought the second photo was the head of an elephant.

Great finds!
JamericanSpice said…
Very interesting sculptures. I'd love to know too as you do.

Enjoy your weekend.
I think if my walks come out like yours I would be in heaven.

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