Morning Tai Chi

Eastern sun
slowly rises
Victoria Harbour

erhu strings
dawn rituals

and we move
in unison
as one

unspoken vibrations
musical meditations

enlightened affirmations!


Anonymous said…
it was warm enough here to participate..but I didn't..:)
jakill said…
I'm sure I've seen this photo before somewhere. Is it yours? Great connection to the poem anyway, also adds something. I particularly love the last three lines.
confused - lol I did participate but didn't do very well.

jakill - It is my photo. I took it in Hong Kong. All of the photos are mine.
floreta said…
i like this a lot! relaxing and slow like tai chi.
bessye said…
Hi Jodapoet,
I think you did better than you think. It clearly states it in this poem. Nicely done, wonderful poem.

qiwoman said…
Oh I love the poem but I miss doing Tai Ji. I must get into practicing again, thanks for reminding me.
floreta - Yes, very relaxing and peaceful.

bessye - lol, thank you.

yan - Thank you for visiting
Icy BC said…
I love you Jo, for using my favorite photo as a header :-)

This is a great photo, and such a terrific poem, Jo. I'm glad you bring this post back!
Icy, I am going to leave that header up there for a long while just for you :) That morning I spent in Hong Kong watching their tai chi completely inspired me. I tried to do it myself but my balance is not good :D

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