Sundays in my City - Poetic Shutterbug Out and About

Up to the sky at the corner of Geary and Powell streets in Union Square

Me and Jonathan Poretz after his concert at the Rrazz Room this past week in San Francisco

Yours truly in front of the Tony Bennett heart sculpture in Union Square

Powell Street cable car

Union Square at a glance

Union Square sculpture with Bank of America headquarters backdrop

Unknown Mami

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ruthi said…
i so love your city. there are lots of nice and interesting places to see. thanks for sharing.
Andrea said…
Hi Poetic Shutterbug, i just came here via Autumn Belle's. Glad to meet you here in your site. Lovely photos you have there. My site is linked in Autumn Belle's post too. thanks.
Kelli said…
oh gosh that first photo made me feel a bit dizzy! love the heart sculpture too
Anonymous said…
The buildings in your city are amazing. I love the first shot.
Ann said…
Love the tours of your city. Such wonderful sights. It's nice to see some shots of you also. That's one good looking guy you're posing with there :)
There is so much to like in your city! I love the street car and you in front of Tony Bennett's Heart sculpture. Always have liked that song.
Looks like you had a wonderful time in your fun city, Jo! You look terrific!
RNSANE said…
Great pictures! I'll bet Jonathon was terrific!
Brian Miller said…
nice. love the perspective in that first shot...up. and the heart is really cool as well...would love to ride a street car too...
Tara R. said…
The shot of the street car is wonderful! I love seeing all these city scenes. I live in a small Florida town, and don't get to the BIG city very often.
Anonymous said…
I really like the fist shot. The perspective is unique. All lovely. Hope to visit your city soon!
J. M. P. said…
Thank you for the walk! Your city looks beautiful.
I did not realize that was Tony Bennett's heart.

I love the skies in San Francisco.
Dimple said…
Hi Joanne,
Thanks for coming by. Your photos make me nostalgic!
Leslie D. said…
Love that skyward view of Geary corner. Magnificent! I appreciate the artistry that went into those old buildings more and more as time goes on..
Unknown said…
Beautiful city!!
Unknown said…
Man I miss SF so much! I used to go when we lived much closer - loved seeing your beautiful photos :) Found you on Unknown Mami's!
MedaM said…
Your city is really so beautiful and all your photos are fantastic. The perspective on the first photo is simply breathtaking. I am glad I can see you too. You are beautiful woman and I like happy expression of your face. :-)
Your first shot of Union Square, looking up, is my favorite! The photos made me want to visit San Fran again. What a wonderful city.
Unknown said…
Some very nice shots there. A nice city - I hope to visit one day.
Anonymous said…
I love your pictures! I've never been to San Francisco but it's always been on my wish list.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Ruthi, thanks. There is too much to see and to fit in one post :)

Andrea, great post, I saw that link on Autumn Belle. Thank you.

Kebeni, :D I got a bit dizzy while taking the photo. Thanks.

myrelish, thanks, that is the heart of the city

Ann, thank you, you are too sweet. As for Jonathan, he is the ladies man and has groupies all over the place :)

Jean, thank you so much and that is a beautiful song.

Icy, ah, thank you my friend :)

Carmen, thanks, yep, Jonathan is the ultimate entertainer.

Brian, thanks, the cable cars are fun until you are flying down steep hills :)

Tara, glad you liked it. I've lived here all my life so a small town sounds good to me at times.

Lynn, thanks so much, I hope you can make it out here as well.

Fullet, you are welcome and thank you :)

Mami, Yeah, that's his painting and he donated it to us. He literally left his heart ...

Dimple, glad you enjoyed them

LD, Yes, I do as well. The architecture in some of these buildings are gorgeous.

Midwestern, thank you.

Rene W., thanks for stopping by and commenting.

MedaM. thanks so much for your sweet and kind words, they are very much appreciated.

Naked girl, thanks so much and please do visit again.

Evelyn, thanks and I hope you can visit soon

Snuggle, I hope your wish list comes true one of these days, thank you.
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
I like the shapes of the buildings in the first picture- not all the same.
StarTraci said…
I love the upshot of Geary and Powell. The rounded building was always one of my favorites.

Joanna Jenkins said…
San Francisco is such a diverse and beautiful city. It has a little bit of everything. Thanks for the lovely reminder.
Happy SIMC, jj
Sonya said…
Oh wow..I love the first shot and the one of you infront of the are so pretty : )
Erin said…
I just LOVE SF, wish I could go up there at least once a month!
BLOGitse said…
I love that cable car - interesting contrast old and new...
Have a great week ahead!

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