Macro Flowers Saturday - The Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park

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Ann said…
I knew by the title of the post that I was going to see some amazing macros. I certainly wasn't disappointed. I just love the angle that you took that last one from
nothingprofound said…
Breathtaking pictures. Roses in October-I'm envious.

"Every flower is the rose."
Evelyn S. said…
You, too, have fabulous macro rose photos! I love the ethereal but defined images....I think the yellow is my favorite, maybe because it's anchored by the background.
Liz said…
Roses are so easy to shoot. I did a shoot as well at my Arboreedom. I like all of these.
Kelli said…
these are stunning, they are so beautiful and such great macro shots
CM said…
Oooh, the last one if my favorite! Beautiful.
Lisa said…
Stunningly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Self Sagacity said…
Gorgeous photos of the roses. I like the last one, the way it looks like there is a halo around it.
Maia said…
What an amazing rose galore.
Your macros are exquisite, I hope you have saved many of them to enchante us with color during the dark winter, on Macro flowers Saturday (and not only).
Jama said…
Stunning roses! I simply love them.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Ann, thanks so much. I never knew how flexible my body could be until I started taking some of these macro shots :D

nothingprofound, there are still some roses blooming there at the rose garden. I check back every so often and am always surprised. Thanks.

Evelyn, thank you so much. The lighting was strange that day which produced that effect.

Liz, thank you, it is a pleasure to shoot roses.

Kebeni, thank you so much for your kind words.

CM, I love that one too. The color is so rich. Thank you.

Lisa, thank you.

Self, a rose sent from heaven :) Thank you

MaiaT, I am lucky where I live in that there are flowers especially at the botanical gardens all year round. So, I will never run out of pics for you. They may be less than what I normally post but always there. Thank you.

Mylene, Thank you.

Jama, Aw, thanks so much
Judy said…
I love the shadows in the first couple of shots, and the translucent effect of the petals in the last shot!
Kim, USA said…
So pretty!! Does in your area you still have flowers around? Here in MI they are almost done, except for mums and some fall flowers. Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it. Happy Sunday!
My smallest Dahlia
these are beautiful soft colors. I love them, though I still like the burgundy red,
RNSANE said…
I love roses...and I sure miss the ones that were always blooming outside my windows at CASARC.
ruthinian said…
lovely roses... love the purple one

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