Blue Monday - St. Cecilia Church in San Francisco

Since my previous post on Blue Monday, many of you have been asking about St. Cecilia's Church. So, I decided to go there and take some shots of the interior and exterior. I had taken shots of the church months ago when I had the Olympus camera and only a couple turned out. With my new camera, I was able to get some good shots which you will see here.

I spent eight years at St. Cecilia's school and have so many great memories. We attended so many different celebrations in this church to include family baptisms and confirmations etc...

I also would like to dedicate this post in memory of
Jacki and Janessa Greig who lost their lives in the San Bruno explosion and fire. Janessa was in the eighth grade and student body president at St. Cecilia's School. My heart goes out to their family and friends.

Intricate artwork over the main entrance

Stained glass window over the main entrance

Interior view of the church

Closeup of dome

Closeup of steeple

The interior roof

Stained glass window in the choir area

Stained glass windows in main church area

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Annie Jeffries said…
This church is so beautiful. My son lives in Oregon now but he and his wife usually come down every Spring. We went to St. Dominic's many times when he was still living in California but I think a trip to St. Cecelia's will be on our game plan for next time around. I'm sending him this post so he can see the church for himself.
Kelli said…
wow, that is a beautiful church, the work on the outside and the stained glass is amazing, thanks for sharing. I love your tour of San Fransisco
Kass said…
Magnificent church.
Auntie E said…
Love the windows. I have always like the stain glass windows in churches. It brings back some found memories.
My Blue Monday link for you
SmilingSally said…
I particularly love the dome and the rose window.

Happy Blue Monday.
DoanLegacy said…
Fantastic and stunning photos of this beautiful church!
Gary Orona said…
I love the details of the church and the stained glass window. It's like a kaleidoscope. Nice photos.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Annie, thanks. Actually, St. Dominic's holds a special place in my heart. The St. Jude Shrine is gorgeous. Yes, do send him this post and visit when you are here. It's well worth it.

Kebeni, thank you for visiting. That stained glass is gorgeous, especially on the outside.

Kass, thanks so much :)

Auntie E, yes, the artistry in stained glass is amazing. Thanks for visiting and I'll drop by later today.

Smiling Sally, thank you, I really love that dome as well.

Gary, You're right it is like a kaleidescope, thank you.
Photo Cache said…
i've never been to this church, but your post made me curious and would check it out the next time i have a chance.
Ann said…
It's a beautiful church. So much detail in that steeple. There aren't many churches around here like that. The one that is across the street from me is very plain in comparison.
Donnie said…
Great photos - I love your blue stained glass windows. Happy Blue Monday.
Jama said…
It's a beautiful church, I love the stained glass windows.
RNSANE said…
St. Cecelia's is a beautiful church and I am sure the whole parish is mourning for the Greig family and others who suffered losses in the recent San Bruno fire.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Photo cache, it is a beautiful church. Check it out when you have the chance.

Ann, plain churches can be beautiful as well. This one just happens to be elaborate. Thanks.

Donnie, thanks so much.

Jama, Thanks I do as well.

Carmen, They are, it is so sad. Thanks.
ruthinian said…
the church is gorgeous. the architecture is magnificent.
Anonymous said…
I also have many great memories at St. Cecilia. I was baptized there, went to school and was married there. I love that church it is "home"! Have lived in Oregon for 11 years now but still miss it!
Thank you for sharing!

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