Mellow Yellow Monday - Mojito

There is nothing like a mojito to both excite and soothe the palate. The mint has that calming effect and it just goes down so easily that I had to bring you the recipe via my mojito plate, which is currently residing in my eBay store ready to be snapped up for that perfect compliment to your dining or bar area.

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This new blog will provide you with the latest updated news on our new eBay store Collectibles Mercantile of which you can find links on the blog. We will be bringing you listings, sale items, news on the collectible and giftware market and updates on everything and anything collectible.

I hope you will follow and join us. In the meantime, jot down that mojito recipe and have one on me :)

Jo (Poetic Shutterbug)


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RNSANE said…
Cute plate, Jo, though this is not my mojito recipe.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Carmen, lol, not mine either but it's still good.
Kim, USA said…
Well I'd like to say that all of the ingredients I already have, gonna make it later ^_^
Anne said…
Thats a cutie design for a place, here's mine thanks

My Daily Mumbles
Liz said…
I want the dish! :)

Have a fabulous week!

100th MYM.
Rossel said…
nice plater. it's only now that I see one with recipe of a refreshing drink. such a cute design.
oh, i love decorative plates...can i have?
riz said…
will definitely check the new baby:)
raniaclare said…
looks yummy and easy.
Yoshi said…
It's a nice recipe!
Nice plate. It's my first time to know Mojito :)
Leovi said…
Pretty picture
Ann said…
I'm not a drinker but if I was that sure sounds good :) Cute plate.
forgetmenot said…
I'll take two! Great and creative shot. Mickie
Gemma Wiseman said…
A most attractive, creative plate + bonus recipe!

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