Spare by Prince Harry review

Wow! What a book! I bought the audio version and was so glad I did as hearing Prince Harry himself narrate the book was like having him in my living room telling me his story. My first reaction when hearing him was, he has the heart of a poet. And in fact he does recite some poetry. I couldn't stop listening.

Harry takes us through a heroic journey through his life filled with obstacles that were determined to crush him. Yet he overcame whatever was thrown at him. I experienced the gamut of emotions hearing his story all the while remembering the image of him marching behind his mums coffin as a child.

His journey was a learning experience for me. First I did not know much about the royals other than what the press spewed out. I've learned much about the monarchy through Prince Harry's words. Being an American I never could fathom how anyone could live in a "fish bowl" as they do without any freedoms but even so, now I realize that they are not much different than anyone else. They just have been brought up in a different culture.

Harry has his Mothers heart. He cares about people, the environment and strives for justice. The Prince lives to serve and was the utmost fact behind this book.

His journeys had me in awe. I learned so much about history, the military, Africa and more. I enjoyed learning about the Apache helicopter during the war, the flora, fauna and wildlife in Botswana and what his young years were like when Princess Diana was alive.

I know his Mum was walking beside him throughout his journey from the stories about the red fox, the lion, the elephants eye, the giraffes, the hummingbird at the end of the book and most profoundly the story of Archie gravitating to the painting with the name of Diana on it and Archie and the ornament which to me bore proof Princess Diana was beside him and I'm sure still is. These stories resonated with me.

This book is also a story of unconditional love between Harry and Meg. They literally lived through hell for a long while yet overcame all the hate and came out strong with their love for each other. Despite everything Harry loves his Pa, Willy and Kate and of course his Granny which exemplifies the beautiful man Harry has become. I dont know that if I were in his shoes I could feel the same.

There are also stories that will have you howling with laughter. Vegas, the north pole. I won't get into details. You have to read the book. Just remember, what happens in Vegas should always stay in Vegas.

As for the press, the media, the paparazzi, they spew lies and hate in order to make a buck. I've known that for a longtime both in the American and British press. They are all just vultures, plain and simple.

I also have to say that Meg is one of the strongest women around. If I had to endure what she had endured I really dont think I could have gone through it all with such strength. Both Prince Harry and Meghan are two brave souls rooted in unconditional love.

In closing, thank you Harry for this phenomenal book and I'm so happy you and your family are in America where freedom is cherished.

Prince Harry, please write a book of poetry, your words and descriptions had me breathless at times.


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