Today's Flowers - White Roses

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Daisy said…
I can almost smell the flowery goodness!
Ann said…
So pretty. I imagine they must smell heavenly too
Beautiful white rose pictures, Jo! The lighting in these photos are just perfect to show how gorgeous they are!
Each picture is more beautiful than the next! A pure true white rose is a treasure.
Very calming to look at! A very nice job!
Annie Jeffries said…
So beautiful and pure. I'm amazed at how different white roses can look, one from the other.
J. M. P. said…
Really delicate and meaningful, each one is like a pure thought.
Dani said…
wonderful whiteness
purifies my senses,
Roses from a garden

Have a nice flower day!
Really charming, the most fragrant white rose I have found is named John F. Kennedy.
Regina said…
Pure and gorgeous!
Have a nice day.
" Regina "
Average Girl said…
Kim, USA said…
A pure white rose, gorgeous!! Happy Sunday!

Yellow Hollyhock
Rosamaria said…
Just wonderful, dear!

Great week for you!
Joanne Olivieri said…
Daisy, I know you can :) Thank you for coming by and smelling the roses.

Ann, it was a feast for the senses when I was there. I did not want to leave.

Icy, thanks I got lucky with the lighting that day. That's not always the case though :)

Sallie, thanks and so true,

Michelle, Mrs. M., thanks so much xoxo

Annie, thanks and same here. I was surprised at all the different varieties.

Dani, your haiku is beautiful and says it all. Thank you.

Josep,(fullet) thank you and so poetic. :)

Regina, thanks so much for stopping by.

Prairie, You know there are so many varieties and I wish I were more knowledgeable in their names.

Average girl, thank you so much.

Manang, thank you and to you as well.

Rosamaria, thank you so much and a happy week ahead for you.
Ebie said…
Love them white roses: its purity and scent!

P.S. South Coast Botanic Garden is pretty,but my favorite time is Spring. When you are in the area,lease explore the Palos Verdes Peninsula, a few miles from there. It is gorgeous and has beautiful coastal scenes!
Carver said…
Your white roses are gorgeous. There's something about white flowers that I find so special.
April said…
What could be lovelier than these exquisite white roses? Beautiful photos!
Very pretty roses. I like the shadow play on the last couple of photos.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Ebie, thanks for the info, I will hold onto that. And, thanks for stopping by.

Carver, I know I think it's just the clean look that is so striking. Thank you so much.

April, very sweet of you, thanks so much.

Digital Flower, Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
Anonymous said…
I find them special too. Your white roses are absolutely stunning!
Joanne Olivieri said…
Kanak, thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by, it is very much appreciated.
jabblog said…
Beautiful white roses - white for purity and grace.
Maia said…
Gorgeous white roses and your photos are excuisite.
DoanLegacy said…
Beautiful white rose! They looks so elegant and innocent!
ruthi said…
the simplicity and purity of the roses is priceless. and though you can buy them... the joy it gives the receiver is priceless.
Joanne Olivieri said…
jabblog, exactly, you've captured their essence.

Maia, thank you so much, very appreciated.

Doan, They do huh? thank you :)
George said…
These are beautiful white roses. We have a couple of white roses in our yard, but I have never gotten such good pictures.
Anonymous said…
I love roses and you captured it's beauty perfectly!! Just gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I appreciate your kind comment! :)

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