The Castro in San Francisco - Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday

Top of the Castro Theater.

Tile artwork outside the theater.

More artwork.

The LGBT flag proudly flying high at the top of Market Street and Castro.

The F Market trolley line which runs down market street, along the Embarcadero and out to Fisherman's Wharf.

A deep rich blue house with interesting little paper flower decorations along the hand rail.

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Gemma Wiseman said…
An interesting visit to your world! Love that architectural detail and that trolley is a bright cutie!
SmilingSally said…
You've found some pretty blues.

Happy Blue Monday.
Annie Jeffries said…
I haven't been to beautiful SF in a year, at least. I really need to plan a road trip.
Gypsea Nurse said…
My goodness! What amazing photos!! Happy BLue!
indicaspecies said…
A lovely set of shots.
J. M. P. said…
Love the artwork and the decorations. Oh, and the look of the whole blog too!
Duni said…
The tiles on the theatre are beautiful. SF seems to be full of bright spots of colour and I thank you for sharing these highlight with us!
C. JoyBell C. said…
The blue house is extraordinary! I love it, Joanne! The blue house with the fanciful paper cut-outs hanging along the staircase! How beautiful! :) :)

It's hard for me to visit your blog, as it takes forever to load on my screen, due to the amount of large photos that need to upload!
Lovely, Jo! Beautiful architecture... Glad to see you are still out there shooting things. =D

Daisy said…
The top of the Castro theater is gorgeous! Too bad it is so high up so people can't enjoy the detail more.
Lesley said…
Love the trolley bus. I do so wish we hadn't gotten rid of all ours (I think a few went to SF and were repainted)
jo said…
That is indeed blue.
True blue.
Are those houses really that brightly coloured?
And your whole blog is dipped in the colour too :-)
I love the siken flag so gently fluttering in the breeze.
4 Lettre Words said…
Such a colorful place. Can't help but smile!
Lots of yellows and blues. I like the design of the building. Nice blue house too.

Have a great day Jo.

Kim, USA said…
Wow awesome and vibrant colors. Great capture love it!
LV said…
Thanks for letting visit a part of your area filled with pretty blues.
gengen said…
Pretty artworks shot...Happy blue Monday.
racheld said…
Deep Rich Blue, indeed---just lovely. I look forward to visiting your city soon---DS#4 lives there.

Mel_Cole said…
Awesome church structures. Gorgeous captures.

My Yellow Monday post
Life's Journey said…
Pretty entries for mellow yellow....See you.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Greyscale, thanks, those trolleys were brought in from different parts of the world and are vintage trolleys which is what I love about them.

Sally, thank you, I am always on the hunt for anything blue :)

Annie, yes, you should plan a short trip, it would be fun.

Cat and Cricket, thank you and happy Blue and Mellow Yellow Monday to you.

inidcaspecies, thanks so much.

Thanks Josep, I change it around every so often to suit the mood.

Duni, it is very colorful in that are but all over the city as well. Thank you.

C, Sorry you have to wait so long but I like the blog the way it is and will not change it for anyone.

Michelle, LOL :) I'm always shooting away and so glad to see you back here.

Daisy, you are so right. There should be a small replica of it in the theater so little ones like you and Harley can visit too :)

Lesley, that could be because I know SF brought some in from different places. They are fun to ride. Thank you.

Jo, Thanks, Oh yeah, there are some that are even more brightly colored all over the city.

Dina, aw, thank you, very sweet.

Kat, thank you, I'm enjoying shooting buildings these days, have a wonderful week ahead.

Auntie E. thanks so much and have a great holiday week.

Kim, they certainly do stand out :) Thank you so much.

Chub, thank you, I'm headed over to check it out.

LV, you are welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

gengen, thanks so much and Happy blue Monday and Mellow Yellow to you as well.

racheld, you will love it here and hope to see you soon. Thank you.

Mel, thanks so much and I'll be visiting yours soon.

Life's Journey, THank you :)
Martha Z said…
What a wonderful and colorful collection, Joanne. I always enjoy seeing the trolleys on Market Street when we visit "The City".
Donnie said…
What lovely photos. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Martha, Yeah, I always enjoy them too although they are always so full with tourists that I usually end up walking :)

Donnie, Oh, you are so sweet and to you as well.
Ann said…
The top of that theater and the art work are beautiful. Love all the shots, the blues are fabulous
Verna Luga said…
Hi Joanna, lovely photos as ever.. love that LGBT flag... great... dropping by for BM.
Blue Monday here
I'm crazy for buildings that have tile embellishments.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Ann, that is a gorgeous theater inside and out. Thanks.

Vernz, Thanks so much for stopping by.

Oakland, I just checked out your blog and some awesome posts you have on there. I too love all sorts of building, embellished or not :) Thanks for stopping by.
Erika B said…
So much vibrant yellow and blue in your city. Great shots!

Erika B
I love this post for blue..Beautiful shots, and great choices.
ruthi said…
those details on the building are artistically beautiful.

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