A Poetry Listing of Terms

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There are so many different terms we need to know as poets and writers that I thought I would list a few here in hopes that it may help you with your writing and publishing endeavors.

Acknowledgments Page - A page in a poetry book or chapbook which lists the publications where the works were originally published.

Anthology - A collection of poetry or writings by several different artists.

Bio - A biographical statement that many publishers request with submissions.

Camera Ready - Poems which are submitted exactly as they are to appear in print.

Chapbook - A small collection of poetry set in a book of 20 to 40 pages.

Contributor’s Copy - A copy of the magazine where a poet’s work appears and is given as payment to the author.

Cover Letter - An introductory letter sent along with a poet’s submission to a publisher.

Digest Sized - A 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 sized publication.

Ezine - A magazine published online.

Galleys - The first typeset version of a poem, magazine, book or chapbook.

IRC - International Reply Coupon for returning a manuscript to other countries outside the USA.

Magazine Sized - A 8 1/2 x 11 sized publication.

ms - manuscript and mss - manuscripts.

Multi Book Review - One book by an author or several books by different authors reviewed as one piece.

Offset Printed - A printing method in which the ink is transferred from an image bearing plate to a blanket then from the blanket to the paper.

Online Magazine - A magazine circulated throughout the Internet - aka ezine.

Pays In Copies - When a publisher pays for your work by sending you copies of the magazine in which your work appears.

Perfect Bound - Publication with glued spine and is also called “flat spined.”

Press Run - The total number of publication copies printed at one time.

Previously Published - Work that has already been published elsewhere.

Print On Demand - Publishing method which allows publications to be printed when requested rather than in one single press run.

Publishing Credits - A list of the poet’s magazine, book and chapbook publications.

Query Letter - A letter sent to a publication for a proposed project or a letter requesting information.

Reading Fee - A monetary fee charged by a publication to read a submission without obligation to accept the work. On a side note to this, it is my opinion that you should never pay a reading fee for anything including contests. When you pay reading fees, it means you are dealing with a business who is there to make money and does not have your interest at heart.

Royalties - A paid percentage to the poet from books sold.

Saddle Stitched - A publication folded then stapled along the fold. Also called Saddle Stapled.

SAE - Self Addressed Envelope

SASE - Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

SASP - Self Addressed Stamped Postcard

Simultaneous Submission - Submission of the same manuscript to more than one publisher at the same time.

Subsidy Press - A publisher who requires the poet to pay all costs for publication. Also called a Vanity Press.

Tabloid Sized - 11 x 15 or larger as a newspaper.

Unsolicited Manuscript - A manuscript which the publisher did not specifically request.

If you have any further questions regarding these terms please contact me by leaving a comment.

Thank you.


thanks for sharing.... poetry, poetic writings and poems are something I enjoy, but miserable at producing them... Have Fun ~bangchik
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Are you sure that's the right definition for saddle stitched? I was on this saddle one time when I had a stitch...well, you get my drift.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Bangchik, I'm sure you are great with prose. Thanks for stopping by.

Margie, lol! I had to use the G rated version of saddle stitched.
AVCr8teur said…
Happy New Year! Looking forward to more of your photos & poetry in 2010! I took an online course in publishing a few years ago and some of those terms brought back memories.
RNSANE said…
Very nice, Jo...thanks for this.
tashabud said…
I'm writing a novel, which I'm hoping that one day it will be finished to be submitted for publication. This post is most helpful to this novice novelist.

I'm going to bookmark it, if you don't mind.

Thanks for sharing.
Ann said…
Very interesting list of definitions. I learned something new today.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Carmen, you are welcome

Tasha, I'm glad it is helpful for you. Good luck with the novel and keep me posted.

Karen, Thanks so much and I as well look forward to more of your photo journeys.

Ann, Cool, thanks for stopping by.
Sorry to miss this post, Jo! I'm definitely studying these terms for my own knowledge..
Joanne Olivieri said…
Icy, Glad I helped :)

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