Sony Holland On A San Francisco High Ten Year Anniversary

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Sony and Jerry Holland @ The Rrazz Room

On A San Francisco High Ten Year Anniversary


Sony Holland busking at Ghirardelli Square 2003

It was February, 2003.  I was behind the counter at the Home and Holiday store in Ghirardelli square working my sales job when all of a sudden I heard the most enchanting music and angelic voice accompanying the music that I had ever heard.  I walked to the door and saw across the fountain plaza this beautiful blonde singer pouring her heart out, note after note for tourists visiting the square.  I stood mesmerized by her voice.  I waited until she finished her set then went out to meet her and buy a couple of her CD's.  That same day, Neil Sedaka had been at the square and also bought a CD.   What really struck me that day beside the fact that this singer was simply sensational, was the fact that she came into the store after she finished performing that day and thanked me for buying her CD's.  She was warm, friendly and real.  We chatted a bit and the rest is history.  I became an instant loyal fan and friend.  On my days off I would sit out there with  her at either Ghirardelli Square or Pier 39 and help her sell CD's while she performed.  How cool was that? I got to watch and listen to my favorite singer perform my favorite songs all the time.  Wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.  Thank you, Sony for being you.

Jerry Holland songwriter/guitarist
photo courtesy of  On A San Francisco High

A couple of days later I was going on a break and saw Jerry in the square while Sony was performing.  I went up to him and said "you must be the songwriter, fantastic lyrics."  As a writer/poet, lyrics are always one of the first aspects that fuel my passions when listening to a song.  His songs have always touched and inspired me.  When listening to On A San Francisco High my emotions always get the better of me.  Being a native San Franciscan this song always touches my heart when I hear it and I've been listening to it for ten years - literally thousands of times.  It completely captures the essence of San Francisco like no other song about my hometown has ever captured.  It is a truly special song about a special place. Thank you, Jerry for paying tribute to my hometown.  You rock!!!

Sony Holland @ Pier 39

Jerry Holland outside the Hard Rock Cafe Pier 39

Sony Holland @ The Embarcadero

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Thank you.


Sony Holland said…
Thank you, JoJo, for this lovely post. I'll never forget my first day at Ghirardelli Square, meeting you, Sedaka, and, of course, indulging in some of those chocolate/caramel treats:) Yummy!
Joanne Olivieri said…
Sone, Those were the days :)

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