In Memory Of Mom

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My Mom passed away in 1994. Since then, a day has not gone by that I haven't thought of her. We were best friends and I loved her with my entire heart and soul. After she passed, I wrote many poems about her. This particular poem is the first one I wrote following her death

Tears For Mom

My heart has been drained
Of the joy once felt
A cloudburst of tears
The sun will never melt.

The sweetness of your smile
My eyes again will never behold
Only in distant memory
Another life yet untold.

Your laughter can only comfort
The darkness of my night
A sound of sorrow yearning
For an echo of your delight.

My life has simply stopped
Though born again anew
I will forever cherish
Treasured memories of you.

Mom loved it when I would bring her daisies :)

Her favorite flower, the snapdragon

Mom's favorite actor.  I took this shot for Mom while in LA.


Self Sagacity said…
How sweet and so devoted. So precious to have such relationship with your mother. Snap dragons are one of my favorite flowers too, mostly because they keep on giving. :-)

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