Camera Critters Komodo Dragon At The San Francisco Zoo

The Komodo Dragon debuted today for members of the San Francisco zoo and of course I was there to take some photos.  His name is Big Daddy Bahasa.  This little guy is adorable, for a lizard, and was posing for all the shutterbugs that were out there today.  What a fantastic treat for all of us.  It was very crowded and he was in a windowed exhibit with different color lights which made it a little difficult to get great shots but I think I got a few good ones.  The exhibit will open to the public this Labor Day weekend and is a must if you live in the area.  I also took some shots of the signage which gives much more information on this little guy.  He is located across from the Koala exhibit. 

Camera Critters

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Icy BC said…
He is just adorable, and the information is fantastic..Have a great weekend.
rainfield61 said…
This is a real dragon.
Kerri Farley said…
What a cool fella!!!
eileeninmd said…
Cool shots of the Komodo Dragon. Great exhibit! Have a happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
I've always wanted to see one in the wild!

Cool shots.
Pia said…
What a very special animal! We don´t have them in our zoos so thanks for sharing.

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