Holiday Festivities At The San Francisco Botanical Garden

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Lesley Segedy has been making her beautiful hand-rolled, honeycombed beeswax candles for more than 25 years. She is now melting wax & mixing dyes to create interesting  shapes and colors for the candles and beeswax figures, using all North American, organic and unbleached,
100% pure BEESWAX ... it's the buzz!

Bee Natural Candles by Lesley

Bahia Beads
While living in Africa, Mona Bourell was inspired
by the colorful and diverse traditional beadwork. Using techniques she learned from her aunt, she started to crochet with a variety of beads, developing her own techniques for 
incorporating patterns, such as flowers, grapes, mushrooms and trees, into thecrochet work using natural beads of fresh water pearls, natural and semi-precious stones, wood, bone, shell...anything with ahole in it.

Long-time nursery volunteer and pastel artist extraordinaire Pat Wipf also creates these adorable bear ornaments.

Join us for our
Annual Holiday Bazaar 
 Get your shopping done early, while socializing with fellow members and enjoying wine and holiday goodies. Volunteers and staff will be selling wonderful handcrafted items and foods. It's a relaxing alternative to the frenzied holiday rush. You will find a wonderful selection of botanical and edible items, including herbal teas, handmade pickles and mustard, jewelry, hair adornments, ornaments, crocheted and felted bags and scarves, candles, notecards, books and plants.   
County Fair Building Rec Room
Wednesday December 5
6-9 pm
Wine and holiday goodies
Other makers include: Cydney Sinks' ceramics, textiles, and botanicals; Ellyn Shea's mustard; The Garden Book Store; Patsy Kobe's bead jewelry; plants from the Garden's nursery and more...
Slow Poke Felt creator Linda Mitteness  has
volunteered in the Helen Crocker Russell Library for the past 5+ years.  This season she has a variety of crocheted and felted gift items, including felt pincushions, bowls, wallets, mini-shoulder bags, 
jewelry rolls; crocheted fine scarves and cowls in extraordinary wools and silks;  crocheted baby blankets and hats. All items are one-of-a-kind and prices range from $5 to $75.

Find a gorgeous greenery wreath or swag for your home made by staff and volunteers.

Aunt Biddy’s Pickles
Associate Curator David Kruse-Pickler’s family recipe
Southern-style pickles from his Aunt Biddy in Franklin, Tennessee.  Crisp, tangy, and just a little kick…these pickles are great for snackin’.

Staffer Heidi Wohlwend will be purveying the
wares of I.K. Bonita, floral hair adornments made by hand. Each piece is
unique and exquisite. Find the perfect accessory for your hair color or
to go with a festive holiday outfit.

1260 9th Ave. | San Francisco, CA 94122 US


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