Ya'Sou! Ezine - A Call For Submissions

Ya'Sou! Ezine is now closed and has been for quite a while. I am no longer accepting any submissions. Thank You.

Ya'Sou! Ezine is a creative arts online magazine being published on a daily basis. It was started over a decade ago in print form and transformed onto an online platform when hard copy printing costs increased to a level where I could no longer afford to print and mail a hard copy version.

I created Ya'Sou! as a tribute to my Mother Dorothy who always encouraged my writing and poetical interests. If it were not for her I seriously do not think I would have become a poet/writer. This ezine is a tribute to her memory and a way for me to give back to the creative community a piece of myself in honor of my Mom who passed away in 1994.

I'm always asked about the name Ya'Sou! Though spelled a bit different, the Greek meaning is "To Yours" which is commonly used as a toast on special occasions. I decided on the name because it was different and also a celebration of my Mom and our Greek heritage.

In the last month I changed the platform from that of a website to a blog for many reasons. The most important reason being exposure. As a blog platform the poetry, writing and artwork on the ezine will receive much more exposure and that is what we all want and need. However to keep the ezine running I need constant content. I want to be able to post poetry, writing, artwork and photography on the blog everyday so that I can continue to advertise Ya'Sou! on a daily basis with fresh content. Right now the content consists mainly of poetry though I would like to expand into other creative arts.

We seek new, emerging and seasoned artists for the ezine. Everyone is welcome as long as the artwork is good quality.

Submission guidelines are located under the about link on the blog which can be found at http://yasouezine.typepad.com

So, if you would like a home for your creative talents or would just like more exposure, then please check us out.

Thank you,
Joanne Olivieri


Unknownwriter49 said…
it is a fine piece of work and one well worth the visit

Writing Nag said…
I didn't know this was your site as well. Thanks for posting about your creative blog!
It is a great website to visit! Thanks Jo for letting us know.
C. JoyBell C. said…
Joanne darling...I didn't realize that you are Greek... :)) How wonderful! :)) I think I am Greek, too! :))

And I didn't realize that you were the one running Ya'Sou!!!! :))

Would you like me to submit anything? :)

betchai said…
hi Jo, I did not know you were the one running the Ya'Sou and it was dedicated for your mother, what a very loving heart you have.
C. JoyBell C. said…
Before I forget...a day ago, I added the google followers gadget to my sidebar. You can now follow me by clicking there. Hope you'd like to follow me, too! :)
I followed you here from "The Everyday Adventurer" deer post. I'm a writer and plan to send you some poetry shortly.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Unknown, thank you for your comment.

Writing Nag, Thanks for visiting.

Icy, Thank you and you are welcome.

Charity, Yes, I would love for you to submit something. And, I am following you :)

betchai, aw, thank you for your beautiful words.

Elizabeth, thanks I would love that.
RNSANE said…
With my Univ of FL project, I have been remiss in writing poetry. I must start again. Ya'Sou is such a wonderful venue for the creative works of artists and photographers. I look forward to every issue.
Tom said…
Grabbing your button! You have encouraged me to get back to writing again.

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